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Sameer Chavan's Flipkart Design team - 150 designers - UX designers, User researchers, Creative arts, Content designers, Conversational (Voice) designers, copy witers, etc

  • 20+ yrs of experience in Product & UX Design, User Research & Visual Design building products 0 to 1 and 1 to 100. 

  • Educated at top Institutes - Masters in Design @ IIT Mumbai, BE Mechanical @ PVPI Technology.

  • Worked at top MNCs and Indian Startups - Intel, Intuit, LG R&D, Siemens, Oracle, Flipkart, Info Edge,

  • Entrepreneurial experience of running own healthcare startup & design consultancy.

  • Global experience working at Silicon Valley(USA), Seoul & UK. Worked across India - Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore.

  • Successfully setup design teams and org building at top companies. Hired directors of design, research, creatives.

  • Experience working with Finance for team budgets, with IT for Software tools, with purchasing for vendor contract management, with HR for training & conferences, with CTO strategy for design team positioning, etc

  • Conducted DesignThinking workshops and helped organisations build a customer-centric approach.

  • Domain expertise in designing complex B2B Enterprise Applications and B2C consumer apps

  • Speaker at Indian & international conferences.

  • Hold UX patents, published design articles

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Detail Case Studies

Some of my projects in different companies that showcase the design process, outcome and impact. 

Bottom Bar Design

Ecommerce Consumer App


Designing the bottom bar for Flipkart's eCommerce app to provide entry points to new businesses and help the user to switch and access different Flipkart offerings


Inventory Management

Enterprise SME


Designing Intuit's inventory management system involving order management, picklist, barcode scanning. 


Talent Management

Enterprise B2B

20. Tag - Label Individual Candidate.png

Redesigning Spire Technology's enterprise talent management system to increase existing user adoption, better NPS and new customer acquisitions


Insurance Claim Settlement

Enterprise B2B & B&C


Redesigning Athenahealth's posting flow to make it easy to understand, do clean posting, reduce BPO calls, reduce cost and increase NPS


Voice UI Design

Ecommerce Consumer App


Designing Flipkart's Voice UI system that involved - Voice & tone, dialogue designs, tools, Ingression points, UI positioning, branding, user onboarding


Conference Room Finder

Enterprise IT 

intel openroom1.png

Designing a technology-based solution approach to solve the underutilized conference room in an enterprise setup. 


Process & Standards

  • Defined UI Standards & Guidelines. Built design system that is scalable, modular & reusable at Flipkart, Intuit, Oracle, Info Edge, Spire.

  • Authored UI pattern documents at Oracle. Held design chair position at Intel to review developer apps. 

  • Built Usability Labs for Oracle, Siemens, Intel.

  • Conducted UX research in India, US, UK & Korea.

  • Setup UX process and competency matrix for Flipkart.

  • Defined career growth path for designers.

Competencies design @Flipkart

Leading Teams

  • Led teams ranging from 3-4 designers to +150 multi-designers. 

  • Led UX designers/Product designers, User Researchers, Visual Designers, Creative Arts, Content Designers, Copywriters, Conversational designers, Product Managers, QA teams, Frontend UI developers.

  • Most of the companies that I have joined, I have build design teams. 

  • Helped designers to grow in their careers as individuals or as managers.

  • Helped them acquire new skills through mentoring and sending them to UX conferences. 

Leadership Approach 
  • Motivating and inspiring teams

  • Empowering and making teams accountable. 

  • Building cross team(within design) and cross department(Dev, PMs) collaborations

  • Define career path growth and support 

  • Building a positive Influence on all stakeholders

  • Improving productivity and quality of designs

  • Encouraging creativity, out of the box thinking, innovations(Patents) & Technology

  • Being Inclusive, Empathetic and valuing diversity.

  • Transparency, clear communication and respect to all

Leadership Style

I have led small (2-6) to large (150+) multi-disciplinary design teams and help organizations to build great products and design culture.  I mostly follow situational leader styles. Some core principles I believe are 

  • Leading by example. 

  • People manager - coaching and delegation

  • Collaboration and building team spirit

  • Being direct whenever the situation demands.

  • Being strategic or tactical when time demands.

  • Accountability by OKRs and JTBD

Worked with cross-cultural, multi-geo teams
  • Worked with cross-functional teams like Product Management, Product Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Finance (budgeting), Dev Ops, IT Engineering, Operations & Supply chain, HR Functions, Training and employee developments. 

  • Worked with cross geo team from UK, Israel, USA, Australia, Germany, Austria

  • Managed large Design teams (150 designers) consisting of directors of  product design,  director of user research, director of creative graphics, Sr. Manager of Voice UI, Director of enterprise UX, Director of Content and Copy etc. 

  • Worked in USA, South Korea, Italy and UK. Managed multi culture & multi geo teams.

Domain - B2B, B2C, Analytics, Mobile

Multi domain experience
  • Worked on complex enterprise applications including database at Oracle, Analytics at Spire Tech, Inventory systems at Intuit, migration tools at Intel, etc.

  • Worked on the consumer app's growth & engagement for the next 100mn Indian users. Strong understanding of eCommerce shopping, videos, games, hyperlocal grocery, fintech products & payments at Flipkart. 

  • B2B SME apps like Taxation & Accounting at Intuit. Large Financials enterprise apps at Oracle. Innovative.

  • Technology products at LG & Intel. Worked on NLP, ML, AI/bots, wearables(google glass & watch), speech recognition, multimodal interactions, IoT, mobiles, and desktop apps. Conversation Designs

B2C consumer app


B2B Enterprise

Athenahealth UX

B2B Analytics Insights

spire analytics.jpg

Skill Map

Product Design

Interaction Design, Visual Design, Creative Graphics, Design Systems

User Research

Conducted User Interviews, lab Usability Testing, Remote studies

Design Management

Org design, team building & hiring, process and budgets

User Research

  • Built usability labs at Oracle, Intel, Infoedge. Worked with the facilities team to design lab layout and buy equipment. Hired User researchers and Research Director. Drafted research process and protocols. Research Budgeting.

  • Conducted primary and secondary research.  User interviews, Focus Group sessions, task analysis in Usability Labs. Conducted multiple remote usability tests and survey(Qualtrics & surveymonkey) 

  • Published article on the "think-aloud" protocol in ACM SIGCHI.  

Product Design (Interaction Design + Visual Design)

  • Well conversant with interaction design principles and methodologies. Drafted reusable design patterns & style guides.

  • Built user storyboards, wireframes, task flows, hi-fi prototypes in sketch, invasion and Figma. 

Top Contributions
  • 3 UX patents, published papers and UX articles in Indian and International forums. One recent patent from Flipkart

  • At Flipkart, designed Voice User Interface, Videos, Games, Grocery and B2B products like Ad serving and analytics. Defined competency for designers.

  • I was the first design manager in India for Oracle. I have set up their design team & Usability lab. Worked on